Morten Lassen

Software designer and system developer
Morten Lassen

The company NJKI (Nordjysk Kodeindustri, i.e. North Jutland Code Industry) is owned and run by programmer and software integrator Morten Lassen, who started developing software professionally in 1997. After several years of private employment, working with various standard software products, Morten realised that many companies paid far too much for solutions that did not match their needs exactly.

Consequently, Morten founded NJKI in 2008, jointly with a former employer. The motto of NJKI was - and remains - to develop software that develops businesses.

Today, NJKI is still run by Morten Lassen, who is dedicated to both development and support. In addition to being involved in designing and developing 4Improvement standard tools, Morten also provides assistance with systems integration, upgrading existing software, and developing tailor-made software solutions for various types of companies.