Kent Haar-Jorgensen

You've actually managed to lift Loss registration and categorization for clear fields, from ver 1 to new heights in ver2. Loss Management SystemUsing the friendliness, speed, and graphics makes it possible for ALL to get a complete overview of potential efforts areas that should not be bothered by making visualization first - the entire organization now has the best opportunities to participate in concrete improvements. It is fun to participate in teams with improvements where there is a fast system that makes it easy for everyone to monitor if our efforts last! THE ONLY I NEED ;-) .. is, that in the Danish productions we realize that the most important improvement potential we have is to follow up on whether the prerequisites of engineering went stuck .. via a collection tool, such as ver.2, of loss and suggestions = Potential for ensuring our company has a continued competitive advantage...

Kent Haar-Jorgensen - WCM Coordinater at Tetrapak Processing System A/S Denmark